Thursday, 2 April 2009

Thursday 2nd April

B : Babybell and Mini Pepperami (starting to see a theme developing here!)

L : At the pub, Prawn Marie Rose Salad - yum.

D : Not had yet but J and I are going to a new mexican takeaway. Limited choices I fear but will give it a go.

Snacks : 1 sugar free jelly, 3 mini almond scotch pancakes (sans flour of course)

Water : Nearly 2 litres and 2 mugs of rooibos tea

Mexican Take Away heavy on the Tortilla choices but I had to start Mushrooms with chilli on top. And I had some Mexican Lamb Fireballs for main - no rice. Two concerns - the chilli, I ate the Kidney Beans. The Mexican Lamb Fireballs came in a chilli and tomato sauce - tomatoes not great but didnt have much of the sauce as it blew my head off. So downed two more pints of water to control the not being able to breathe!

Company was good as always - had two good chances to gossip today. To blokes both times, every girls dream isn't it!

Anywho, off to bed.


Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Wednesday 1st April

Get the boring stuff out the way. Forgot my lunch so had to go to Sainsburys. And didn't get in until 9.30 and was ravenous.

B : Babybell
L : Salad, 1 boiled egg, 3 sausages from the hot counter, 1 sugar free jelly pot
D : 4 Franfurters (its all about the sausage today apparently)

Water : 2 and a half litres. 2 mugs of Rooibos tea
Snacks : Some macadamia nuts and a mini pepperami
Exercise : Not yet but he's yet to come home!

Went to the local college to get my hair cut after work, was a bit sceptical but it turned out to be the best haircut I've ever had! And i only paid 3.50! I've paid 40 quid for haircuts not half as nice - which means I can go more often now :o) The girls who did it had never done a cut on a real person - I was so impressed.

Driving home, had a drunk polish guy decide to walk out into the road without looking, I slowed down enough so I wouldn't hit him, but fast enough to let him know I wasn't stopping. He turned and looked really angry and took a swipe at the car - didn't touch the car, but I looked in the rear view mirror and he was rolling in the road. Not sure if i did clip him (positive i didn't) or whether he was just after a car to stop and mug. I thought it safer to carry on driving.

I weighed this morning - my scales are shite I can't do it properly. I weighed first thing this morning and was 2 stone lighter, then 2 stone heavier, then 4lbs heavier and then the same weight as i was last week. So *shrug* I will have to get some digi scales. I know I'm losing though as my trousers are almost falling down and my bra has fit properly for the first time in ages.

All good :o)

Pub lunch with my gay friend E tomorrow - cant wait for some gossiping!