Thursday, 2 April 2009

Thursday 2nd April

B : Babybell and Mini Pepperami (starting to see a theme developing here!)

L : At the pub, Prawn Marie Rose Salad - yum.

D : Not had yet but J and I are going to a new mexican takeaway. Limited choices I fear but will give it a go.

Snacks : 1 sugar free jelly, 3 mini almond scotch pancakes (sans flour of course)

Water : Nearly 2 litres and 2 mugs of rooibos tea

Mexican Take Away heavy on the Tortilla choices but I had to start Mushrooms with chilli on top. And I had some Mexican Lamb Fireballs for main - no rice. Two concerns - the chilli, I ate the Kidney Beans. The Mexican Lamb Fireballs came in a chilli and tomato sauce - tomatoes not great but didnt have much of the sauce as it blew my head off. So downed two more pints of water to control the not being able to breathe!

Company was good as always - had two good chances to gossip today. To blokes both times, every girls dream isn't it!

Anywho, off to bed.


Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Wednesday 1st April

Get the boring stuff out the way. Forgot my lunch so had to go to Sainsburys. And didn't get in until 9.30 and was ravenous.

B : Babybell
L : Salad, 1 boiled egg, 3 sausages from the hot counter, 1 sugar free jelly pot
D : 4 Franfurters (its all about the sausage today apparently)

Water : 2 and a half litres. 2 mugs of Rooibos tea
Snacks : Some macadamia nuts and a mini pepperami
Exercise : Not yet but he's yet to come home!

Went to the local college to get my hair cut after work, was a bit sceptical but it turned out to be the best haircut I've ever had! And i only paid 3.50! I've paid 40 quid for haircuts not half as nice - which means I can go more often now :o) The girls who did it had never done a cut on a real person - I was so impressed.

Driving home, had a drunk polish guy decide to walk out into the road without looking, I slowed down enough so I wouldn't hit him, but fast enough to let him know I wasn't stopping. He turned and looked really angry and took a swipe at the car - didn't touch the car, but I looked in the rear view mirror and he was rolling in the road. Not sure if i did clip him (positive i didn't) or whether he was just after a car to stop and mug. I thought it safer to carry on driving.

I weighed this morning - my scales are shite I can't do it properly. I weighed first thing this morning and was 2 stone lighter, then 2 stone heavier, then 4lbs heavier and then the same weight as i was last week. So *shrug* I will have to get some digi scales. I know I'm losing though as my trousers are almost falling down and my bra has fit properly for the first time in ages.

All good :o)

Pub lunch with my gay friend E tomorrow - cant wait for some gossiping!


Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Tuesday 31st March

Not quite finished the day but will be going out soon - for dinner which should be easy enough. Not sure what I fancy though!

B : Babybell and Pepperami
L : Leftover beef stew, pork scratchings
D :

Snacks : Babybell this afternoon as was starving!
Water : 2 litres. And 3 mugs of Rooibos tea - yum.

Will update with dinner later :o) Weigh in tomorrow morning too :o) Fingers crossed!

Dinner ended up being out at an italian restaurant - one of my favourites! Although Pizza and Pasta no good! I had mushrooms al forno to start - yum. And then involtini something or other - was mushrooms wrapped in lamb on a skewer with onion and lemon and a side salad. Was very impressed. Only downfall was i asked for soda water with lime, instead of a slice of lime! SUGAR!! Argh! So have downed another litre of water to get rid.

Nighty night :o)

Monday, 30 March 2009

Monday 30th March

So it begins, the dullness of writing what I'm doing every day - I'll make it short and sweet.

B : Pepperami and a Babybell
L : Beef Stew I made last night
D : Asparagus and Scrambled Eggs

Snacks : Pork Scratchings this afternoon
Water : 2 and a half litres
Exercise : 1 hour keep fit class

Beef Stew
Fry an onion, 2 garlic cloves, 1 stick of celery and an inch of finely chopped ginger in some olive oil. Add nutmeg, cloves, and black pepper.
Add some diced beef and brown.
Add cabbage, finely chopped cauliflower, buttnernut squash.
Mix 2 stock cubes with 2 pints of hot water and add to the vegetable and meat.
Cover and cook for an hour or more.

See, right Nigella me :o) Although it tasted more appetising than it looked.
Thoroughly enjoyed the keep fit, think I may be going on Wednesday to the step class although I dont have anyone to go with as my usual Monday night fitness buddy is busy. C'est la vie.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Diet

Ok, so yes I'm going to tell you the diet Im following, and yes you're going to have an opinion on it. But it works. If you do it right - which I haven't been recently.

Im following a diet called 'The Idiot Proof Diet' its a low carb, high protein diet. (And no I don't want to hear stories of how Dr Atkins died 40 stone overweight thanks). This type of diet is now being recognised as a healthy way to live.

Et Voila.

I eat healthy foods, natural non processed and no sugar. I've never felt better than when Im doing it right. It helps maintain elasticity in the skin too, and my skin hasn't been better that it has because of the amount of water i'm drinking.

Anyway, Im not going to go too much into it here. Here's the link and thats what I'm doing.

My Stakes

Reasons why I want to be thin;

  • I want to be fit for Canada (I'm a Scout Leader and in July Im one of 6 leaders taking 19 children on an expedition to Canada) I want to look good in the photo's, I want to be able to participate, and walk around and not die getting to the top of the CN Tower!
  • I want a dress to fit me, and look good for the Scout County Ball in May. OK, so only 6 weeks away, but I can be significantly slimmer by then. If I just bloody stick to it!
  • The Wedding. If it ever happens. If it doesn't then I'll be thin enough to find someone else (I jest of course)
  • To have a baby. You cant be fat and hideously unfit whilst pregnant. Not that Im planning on it immediately, but you know, someday.
  • I want to look good in the clothes I buy. Im a bit of a fashion whore, but theres only so much you can get away with at this size!

I think thats all of them - just generally want to be fit and healthy. Doesn't everyone.

The Epiphany (or lack of)

Ok, so I've been 'dieting' since October, and Ive only lost 10lbs. Yes I've lost some inches, and yes I can fit into the jeans I couldn't before Christmas. But I've been faffing around. I keep eating crap and trying to convince myself that it doesn't count. That it didn't really happen. And enough.

Although saying that, Ive just sat and eaten a whole bowl of greek yoghurt with honey and almonds (could have been worse) but the tunnocks tea cake definitly wasn't on the reading list was it!

So - lots of exercise today. Mainly in the form of cleaning, but the wii fit will be got out later today and I'll build up a sweat - will i work off the eatens from this morning? Probably not. But the effort is better than doing nothing.

So here it is. My last ditch attempt to be thin. Not that my life would be all that much different from being slim - Id still be me. Hopefully.

I have to write this down. Not for anyone else. Just for me.

I'm a terrible liar - so here will be it all. And if I mess up, I'll see it, and not just brush it off like it didn't happen. If you see this, and want to wish me luck. Please do so :o) I love to get mail.