Sunday, 29 March 2009

My Stakes

Reasons why I want to be thin;

  • I want to be fit for Canada (I'm a Scout Leader and in July Im one of 6 leaders taking 19 children on an expedition to Canada) I want to look good in the photo's, I want to be able to participate, and walk around and not die getting to the top of the CN Tower!
  • I want a dress to fit me, and look good for the Scout County Ball in May. OK, so only 6 weeks away, but I can be significantly slimmer by then. If I just bloody stick to it!
  • The Wedding. If it ever happens. If it doesn't then I'll be thin enough to find someone else (I jest of course)
  • To have a baby. You cant be fat and hideously unfit whilst pregnant. Not that Im planning on it immediately, but you know, someday.
  • I want to look good in the clothes I buy. Im a bit of a fashion whore, but theres only so much you can get away with at this size!

I think thats all of them - just generally want to be fit and healthy. Doesn't everyone.

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