Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Diet

Ok, so yes I'm going to tell you the diet Im following, and yes you're going to have an opinion on it. But it works. If you do it right - which I haven't been recently.

Im following a diet called 'The Idiot Proof Diet' its a low carb, high protein diet. (And no I don't want to hear stories of how Dr Atkins died 40 stone overweight thanks). This type of diet is now being recognised as a healthy way to live.

Et Voila.

I eat healthy foods, natural non processed and no sugar. I've never felt better than when Im doing it right. It helps maintain elasticity in the skin too, and my skin hasn't been better that it has because of the amount of water i'm drinking.

Anyway, Im not going to go too much into it here. Here's the link and thats what I'm doing.


  1. I know you didn't want any opinions on it BUT....I think its the best diet in the world...I've low carbed since 2003 and I've never felt better...or eaten such a variety of foods.
    You go girl..don't listen to the dream snatchers!

  2. I just didn't want the type of opinions along the lines of 'Atkins died from being overweight so its not healthy etc etc' I know what you mean - Ive never felt better, and now I'm in the right mindset I don't want to cheat!

    Good luck too :o)