Sunday, 29 March 2009

The Epiphany (or lack of)

Ok, so I've been 'dieting' since October, and Ive only lost 10lbs. Yes I've lost some inches, and yes I can fit into the jeans I couldn't before Christmas. But I've been faffing around. I keep eating crap and trying to convince myself that it doesn't count. That it didn't really happen. And enough.

Although saying that, Ive just sat and eaten a whole bowl of greek yoghurt with honey and almonds (could have been worse) but the tunnocks tea cake definitly wasn't on the reading list was it!

So - lots of exercise today. Mainly in the form of cleaning, but the wii fit will be got out later today and I'll build up a sweat - will i work off the eatens from this morning? Probably not. But the effort is better than doing nothing.

So here it is. My last ditch attempt to be thin. Not that my life would be all that much different from being slim - Id still be me. Hopefully.

I have to write this down. Not for anyone else. Just for me.

I'm a terrible liar - so here will be it all. And if I mess up, I'll see it, and not just brush it off like it didn't happen. If you see this, and want to wish me luck. Please do so :o) I love to get mail.

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