Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Wednesday 1st April

Get the boring stuff out the way. Forgot my lunch so had to go to Sainsburys. And didn't get in until 9.30 and was ravenous.

B : Babybell
L : Salad, 1 boiled egg, 3 sausages from the hot counter, 1 sugar free jelly pot
D : 4 Franfurters (its all about the sausage today apparently)

Water : 2 and a half litres. 2 mugs of Rooibos tea
Snacks : Some macadamia nuts and a mini pepperami
Exercise : Not yet but he's yet to come home!

Went to the local college to get my hair cut after work, was a bit sceptical but it turned out to be the best haircut I've ever had! And i only paid 3.50! I've paid 40 quid for haircuts not half as nice - which means I can go more often now :o) The girls who did it had never done a cut on a real person - I was so impressed.

Driving home, had a drunk polish guy decide to walk out into the road without looking, I slowed down enough so I wouldn't hit him, but fast enough to let him know I wasn't stopping. He turned and looked really angry and took a swipe at the car - didn't touch the car, but I looked in the rear view mirror and he was rolling in the road. Not sure if i did clip him (positive i didn't) or whether he was just after a car to stop and mug. I thought it safer to carry on driving.

I weighed this morning - my scales are shite I can't do it properly. I weighed first thing this morning and was 2 stone lighter, then 2 stone heavier, then 4lbs heavier and then the same weight as i was last week. So *shrug* I will have to get some digi scales. I know I'm losing though as my trousers are almost falling down and my bra has fit properly for the first time in ages.

All good :o)

Pub lunch with my gay friend E tomorrow - cant wait for some gossiping!


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